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Roofing Maintenance

Roofing  Maintenance, we consider to be part of the home maintenance program.

Repairing or replacing your roof can be expensive. Spending a few minutes every six months looking closely at your roof can help you identify roofing maintenance opportunities that will help prevent costly repairs later.

  1. Inspect entire roof area for missing, loose, and or damaged shingles.
  2. Check all flashings and protrusion coming out of the roof decking, soil stacks, vents, ect.
  3. Check all gutters for damage.
  4. Check gutters for debris.
  5. Check down spouts for proper drainage.
  6. Clean up all debris.

Roofing Maintenance Picture of missing shingles on roof.

Roofing Maintenance Leaky Roof Vent

Roofing Maintenance gutter with debris in it





Ignoring these early signs can be costly to home owners and create major damage to your home. Help prevent damage and Inspect your roof today for these signs.

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Roofing Services Mentor Oh

“Roofing Services for the Spring”

Ice forming along gutter roofing services

Stain in ceiling roofing services

before and after photo of dirty and clean gutters roofing services

Winter is over and Spring is on the way. Many homeowners are seeing the effect that a long cold winter has had upon their homes.

Tips for Spring

  • Gutters torn away from fascia boards
  • Missing or loose shingles.
  • damaged ceiling tiles or drywall inside the house.
  • Peeling paint on interior or exterior walls.
  • Water stains from ice problems over the winter.

These are just few signs you may need  roofing services by a professional roofing Contractor.

Tips for Spring

  • Gutters torn away, remove Ice from entire gutter, you can spread salt pellets along gutter and roof area. Re-fasten gutter where it has pulled away from the fascia board.
  • Missing Shingles; Remove nails around missing shingles and shingles. Replace with new shingles and nail where removed.
  • Damaged ceiling tiles or drywall; Make sure that the roof leak is fixed before replacing ceiling tile or drywall, after you have made sure that the leak has stopped you can remove the tile and replace it and or cut the drywall back to studs and replace the damaged drywall and tape off.

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