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Roofing For Winter

Roofing for the Winter

Many of our customers always ask, “are you able to install our roof in the winter time?” I have been installing roofs for the past thirty years, and the answer to that question is yes and no. The manufactures suggest that asphalt shingles be installed in temperatures between  40 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

This temperature is adequate for proper sealing of the self-sealing seal under each shingle, and will not damage the structure of the face of the shingle during the installation process if installed at or between the suggested temperatures.

So we can say the roof can be installed if the temperature is around 40 degrees the shingles have been stored in above 40 degree temperatures until use and the roof is dry from ice and water. then you can put the roof on. But there is one suggested thing remaining if you must install your roof at these temperatures, then you want to make sure to  install 4 – 1″dot size dabs along the lower back side of each shingle installed.

I hope that this article can bring a little peace of mind to the many questions and concerns of our customers, or your next project.

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